What is it worth to win in F1?

Posted Sep 19, 2005, 8:00 PM ET by Stuart Waterman

Related entries: Motorsports Apparently, as much as $45 million. That’s the largest price that Jenson Button has been rumored to pay to get out of his contractual commitment to drive for WilliamsF1 starting in 2006.

Button is buying out his contract because he feels his championship-winning prospects are better if he remains with BAR-Honda. No doubt the $88 million, five-year deal promised by BAR-Honda didn’t hurt, either. (Autoblog.com)

Personally, the F1 drivers today are over paid like the millionaire footballers. Cost-cutting means nothing if FIA do not cap the drivers salary. Why not pay them minimum wage and let them work at each race. Have a grand prize at the end of the race and that money is the driver's salary. They will be motivated to work real hard!