Schoolgirl stabbed, baby dies
V. Shankar Ganesh

BANTING, Sept 13: An 18-year-old Sixth Former allegedly stabbed his 16-year-old girlfriend with a 20cm dagger, killing the eight-month-old foetus in her womb. After the horrific incident last Sunday at Kampung Indah, near Tanjung Sepat here, the girl suffered severe bleeding and was rushed to the Banting Hospital and later to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang. Doctors were unable to save her unborn child.

The schoolboy and the Form Five girl are believed to have been together for three years. He attends a school in Telok Datuk, while her school is in Batu Laut. She became pregnant early this year, but is thought not to have realised her condition for six months. It was learnt that even her family members had been unaware of her condition until recently.

The girl is believed to have told her boyfriend about her pregnancy only recently, and he had agreed to marry her as a consequence. According to a relative who did not want to be named, the girl was suffering emotional torment over her pregnancy and the stigma of her situation. The couple reportedly argued constantly over their predicament.

Matters reached a head last Sunday afternoon, when the schoolboy is believed to have gone to the girl’s house, where they again argued. Police said he is believed to have taken out a dagger he had brought along and stabbed her in the belly before fleeing. (NST)

The topic of sex is still much a taboo in this country, but when tragedy like this happens, what must be done? People may understand the concept of safe sex but do they really understood and reliazed the consequences? How do you build that understanding and a notion of accountability? There is no sure fire method. Teen pregnancy is also an issue in the west as well. One way is to search for guidance in religion and home education is also important, again that is not the silver bullet.