Rio me Kia-nerio

Those Koreans is sure something. Look at this, this use to be a stationwagen, now is a hot hatch. They do change with the market and quickly too. Kia Rio the latest offering is no push over either, in its own Korean way. The exterior is sporty with the hint of euro influence as should any respectable hot hatch. The interior is Korean but quality and fitting is solid and well put together. The buttons have got the nice cushy feel and the seats are comfortable. Overall a good CBU car. Much have improved for Kia, good for them.

The 1.4L engine responds is quick and sporty for a spirited drive around town. Is not a variable valve, so do not expect a smooth acceleration and fuel economy liken a Toyota or Honda. Nevertheless, a confident engine that does the job. The chassis is rigid and precise as a sporty hatch should be. You get the usual disc brakes and ABS but no airbags. At RM75K, a worthy consideration if you are looking for a non-local budgeted sporty car. The only downside is that it is a Kia, could be a cold fish or a sunbeam, only time will tell.

(Image from Motor Trader)