Renault eye constructors' crown

Renault motorsport president Patrick Faure wants to add the constructors' title to Fernando Alonso's drivers' crown to cement their F1 dominance. Renault trail McLaren by two points in the standings with two Grand Prix left. "If we can add the constructors' title to the drivers' it really means that you have dominated the season, that you are really the best," Faure said.

"If we win both at this time it will mean we (Renault) have won everything in motor racing." Alonso's success gave Renault their first world title as a stand-alone team, having supplied engines to the likes of Benetton and Williams during their title-winning days. (BBC Sport)

Aiyo, didn't blog for half a week, sooo many things happen liao. Been on a year end vacation to re-tune the old engine before the new year...been cleaning up the house for CNY. Yaay! Planning early this time. So, the sporting weekend is down the drain and flushed to the big river of bad sporting memories! Congrats to Renault and Alonso for a decisive victory....F1 this season is better, more griping like the days of old of Mika vs Shumi. Yes, I agreed that Alonso's victory to some extent was "gifted", but would you not say the same of Shumi's later crowns?

If you are ahead and your rivals just runs into bad luck and can't catch up, what to do? Could be better if there is a neck to neck challange all the way, but McLaren did put up a fight. Now the fight moves on the constructors which I think McLaren can take it cause they have stablized and going strong. So, good luck Ron and better luck next year Kimi!