MiTV Corporation Sdn Bhd launched its pay-TV service on Sept 5 with an introductory offer of a four-month monthly fee waiver for subscribers who activate their accounts before Dec 31, 2005.

Its premium interactive multimedia terminal setup box (STB) is priced at RM1,188 while the monthly subscription fee is RM68.

MiTV is offering more than 30 entertainment and fun channels with emphasis on vernacular and globally diverse content and a multitude of genres. (The Edge Daily)

I was waiting the entire 2004 for MiTV to come out but lost patient and decided to get Astro early this year. That was a good decision, based on this article, not only it is more expensive but the media content is far less in quality compare to Astro. MiTV did not have channels like Discovery, AXN, CNN, BBC, Starsports, ESPN, etc.

So, what Astro have, MiTV does not. It got me thinking, perhaps Astro have exclusive broadcasting rights to these channels. What you get from MiTV is a whole bunch of regional channels like in Indonesia, India, Macau, Philipines, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Not too watchable. Is like RTM1 and RTM2 but in tagalog. As far as the current MiTV offers, is pure rubbish and a rip-off.