Go Team Toyota!

I've been reading race reports from Keizo Takahashi, Team Toyota Technical Director. For every race weekend, he'll furnish a summary report, from Friday to qualifying and ends in race day. It is a great insight, that an F1 team can be transparent in their disclosure of the team's problems. The reports gives you a good feel on the happenings in Toyota's F1 development and growing pains in their own race to hunt for their first grand prix win.

It is surprising that a team as big and well funded like Toyota can run into problems from software, suspension, tyre, race setup, aero dynamics, etc. One may expect that these things shouldn't be happening, but it has and Keizo's reports shows this clearly. So, you can expect the other big boys will face the same problems as well, imagine the smaller teams like the Minardi and Sauber. To be competitive in F1 is not a easy job, not just a good, powerful and reliable engine and a good driver will win it, it's a much more complex formula all together.

It's a highly technical and knowledgeble sport. Money sometimes is not the answer. BMW could be facing the same problems next season when they go on their own. Admiration to Ferrari dominance, that they can keep a consistent wining streak every season, which is difficult in F1. So, one should not be puzzled by the prancing horse lack of pace this season. Kudos to Toyota for bringing an in-depth understanding on running an F1 race team. Go Toyota, good luck on Japan GP!
(Image from Toyota-F1.com)